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T30, a 17000 m2 CHINA Hotel buildi in 15 days


New CHINA building technologies...15 days time lap

Timing is really important in building hotels, offices, houses

It has an important impact on costs

A chinese Company (called BROAD GROUP) was able to build a real incredible hotel called T30 in just 15 days thanks to a very sophisticated pre fabricated modulars and really efficient engineers team

Most of parts we pre-assembled into factories : roofs, window, electrical and water systems, ceilings, lights system

Working night and day, they were able to finish also last details (interiors included with domotic elements like motorized windows)

I don't know if it's safe and quality of materials, but surely Chinese Company reached a huge level of planning and pre-assemblation parts

They say :

-9 magnitudo earthquake  resistant
-Tested by China Academy of Building Research
-5 time more energy Efficient
-External Solar Shading
-20 times purer air thanks to a last techlogy air conditioning system

Surerly in China there's a big attention on air.....

There's an air quality monitoring in every room.....

Really incredible!!!




KIROBO, space future TOYOTA robot


KIROBO, space robot from TOYOTA


A We all know TOYOTA to be one of the piooner in technology and future products

They not only developped FORD manufacturing chain but also develop the first hybrid car in far 1997

TOYOTA in last decades has been investing in R&D for next future technology like robot called KIROBO

It was concepted to feel easy in the space (look at him in the no-gravity area of experiment aircraft) and interact with humans.

Robot are already present in our life but Toyota had been thinking about something more: develop Robots which don't simply execute fixed patterns orders but learn from daily life

Look for example, about Robot use help dependent persons, sick or hospitalized

We are curious to see them in our lives....

Let's keep in touch ;)






Do you love Transformers?  Yes, me too!  :)


A nice video about a real good ''robot'' artist from New York City.

He recreated many heroes exploiting his ability and art genius.

Some of them are really unbelievable (I also think not so cheap)

At the end of the videos there's also a granma telling ''wonderful, congratz'' and it's beautiful how children are  scared, shy at the beginning, but later want to take pics and ''gimme-five'' with robot

Also TERMINATON (first movie) is veesible......

Enjoy your robotes, man !  :))



Parrot AR drone Ipad remote controlled


Parrot AR-drone Ipad remote controlled


I've already talked about Parrot AR-drone in my previous articles. Anyway I'd like to write one more.

In this video, we'll see good and bad sides about this wonderful object.

Call it simply a ''toy'' it's not enough: many people are creating new robotic products exploiting what learnt on Parrot AR-drone.

Very interesting see Ipad Apps necessary to manage videocamera or drone during flight.

Movements are really interesting: with some practice, a user can do air parabolic curves very funny and amazing!  :)

The author (with very un-technologycal white socks sandals) of this video also gives suggestions about how/where use drone (at the beginning better use it into a closed space, not immediatly in a garden, for example) and typical problems you can have with damages to body of AR drone or pieces need to be replaced (it's a good point for future models to understand how to reduce these kind of breaks).

In the video, author also shows delay between Ipad camera and AR drone flight: it's not immediate but surely interesting and fast.

For all the last details....enjoy it!  :)))



Hirobo Helicopter



Hirobo Helicopter


Direttamente dal Giappone il primo elicottero completamente elettrico che sara' in grado di far volare un uomo.

Non vedo l'ora di vederlo in commercializzazione e perche' no salirci sopra a fare un giretto.

Enjoy it!




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