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Parrot AR drone Ipad remote controlled


Parrot AR-drone Ipad remote controlled


I've already talked about Parrot AR-drone in my previous articles. Anyway I'd like to write one more.

In this video, we'll see good and bad sides about this wonderful object.

Call it simply a ''toy'' it's not enough: many people are creating new robotic products exploiting what learnt on Parrot AR-drone.

Very interesting see Ipad Apps necessary to manage videocamera or drone during flight.

Movements are really interesting: with some practice, a user can do air parabolic curves very funny and amazing!  :)

The author (with very un-technologycal white socks sandals) of this video also gives suggestions about how/where use drone (at the beginning better use it into a closed space, not immediatly in a garden, for example) and typical problems you can have with damages to body of AR drone or pieces need to be replaced (it's a good point for future models to understand how to reduce these kind of breaks).

In the video, author also shows delay between Ipad camera and AR drone flight: it's not immediate but surely interesting and fast.

For all the last details....enjoy it!  :)))



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