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Millionaire Park Supercars

How Millionaires park their Supercars?


In Singapore Hamilton Parks (flat costs between 6 and 15 millions Pounds) found a very efficient way to park Millionaires car in their living rooms.

Please see this Marvellous 200 mph Red Lamborghin [Italian cars are best appreciated] how reach his Ferrari sister in high-design apartment block






Terminator Arm

''Terminator'' Arm


Company Bebionic (http://bebionic.com/) has developped the most advanced prosthetic limb in the world.

Around 5 years ago Nigel (name of patient) was involved in an accident with an industrial blender.

After many months during which he tried to solve his arm, he finally decided (infection too) to a below elbow amputation.

It's clear he could not come back work.


Thanks to this (bebionic 3 version), Nigel is now able to do lot of things and come back to a quite normal life.

He has now something which makes him like the famous movie called '' The Terminator''.

Nigel commented ''it's like being  human again'' since it's not like having a more looking ''similar'' arm, but also functions simiar to a human hand.


Really impressive high quality product.

Good Luck to your new life, Nigel! :))







ROBOT Wrestling


Da semplici battaglie tra Robot, ora si organizzano tornei di Wrestling :)))





COCKTAIL: Angelo Azzurro


Nuovo Cocktail BPHASE.COM....





Un MUST dei cocktail.....

Per una serata diversa o per diventare il perfetto Barman   :))))

Trovi la preparazione QUI


Sandia Hand, la nuova mano robotica


Sandia Hand, la nuova mano robotica

Vedere queste immagini ha dell''incredibile....

Siamo davvero a pochi passi dalla creazione di cyborg e replicanti....

Chissa' tra 50 anni come sara' il mondo e la vita dell' uomo ......



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