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1960's Futuristic Home

1960's Futuristic Home

In this incredible 1960's video, a pretty sweet girls show us vision of ''Futuristic Home''

Some of technological solutions are actual even now: looks at the motorized furniture or to the ''ghost'' details









Nelson Mandel (1918-2013)


Nelson Mandela called ''Madiba'' died on 5 December 2013 at 95 yrs age.

Since June 2013 he was in Hospital for a lung infection

Mandela is famous for his personal fight about racism, apartheid and rights of most weaks

For his Human rights and coloured people freedom activiy,  he spent 25 yrs in Jail  (from June 1964 to February 1990)

He was the first South Africa President to be elected after Apartheid end

He won Nobel prize in 1993

In 2008, there was a big concenter in HydePark for his 90 Yrs

He could not take part to 2010 Worldwide Football Championship (He fought a lot to make South Africa the Country of this event) due to a familiar: his niece died in a car accident the day before the inauguration


He has been and he will always be an icon of a person fighting for human rights of his friends






Amazon Prime Air


Amazon never finishes impresses me with new solution about e-commerce/merchants transport

Today it published a video about new service Prime Air

In few words they are working to develop a news project so that goods located 30 mins neat Amazon deposit will not be human delivered but by drones quadricopters

Really really impressive....

Of course there are lot of problems about air traffic and laws....

Amazon Prime Air will not completely take place of Humans (at last not in the next 5 yrs) but this project looks like to be right direction.....





Surely a new AMAZON Logo......  ;)



Let's wait for next developments.....

Will AMAZON change good transports after having changed they way we do e-commerce?




TITAN, Robot World Tour ft. Rihanna, Will Smith, Jackie Chan


Maybe not all people knows Titan, new star system icon

During 2012 it took part of a world tour ft. Rihanna, Will Smith, Jackie Chan

This grey face and blue electrical eyes robot is the best for entertainment

It's the only robot reached more than 20 Countries from Europe, U.S.A., Far East and Middle East

Searching on Google you can find many videos of Titan's adventures in Oman, U.K., Abu Dhabi, Germany

It can be hired for events


It's a mix of funny rumours  (most of English Humour), lights, electrical robot movements, lights effect and ......a rain of water as it was a ray-light !

It's really a concentrate of smiles and children love him

First step to consider robot not a minace but part of our funniest hours







New Marine Corps Robot: is it SKYNET?

DNew US Marine Corps Robots: ready for Terminator Skynet?


AWe talked many times about robots, experiments, news in the market

This time we will talk (as we did for Korean Security Robot) about new US Marine Corps Robots

It's almost 40 years, US Marine Corps is trying to introduce robots for most dangerous operations, limit damages, reduce soldiers costs during military actions

Here we have a video about the ''3000 age mule'': a stronger, faster, never tired, more powerfull robot capable to bring more supplies, equipments, ammunitions during military  operations

robots it's completely independent, 360 degrees movement, camers, distance sensors, all the necessary to make it a not stoppable war machine.

Are we sure one day, these robots will not fight against human like SKYNET in Terminator movie?
I think no.

In then meanwhile I don't know what old first or second world war mules are thinking now in the Heaven



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